Mora Sofing (Mrs Hinch Grey Edition)


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Have you always spotted Mrs Hinch with her grey blanket, and wondered where is that blanket from? Well you've now found it! Last year we kindly gifted Mrs Hinch one of our Mora Grey Sofing Blankets which she kindly shared and has now simply fallen in love with! Check out some of our story highlights and pictures of Mrs Hinch with her blanket on our Instagram story highlights!


I My Blanket.

Wrap up and feel the comfort and softness of this blanket. This unisex soft grey colour compliments any room thanks to it's neutral tone and is ideal for a rainy day on the sofa.

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Composition: 100% Microfiber

Size: 120x160cm

Weight: 460g / m2



All of our personalisation is done in house, by hand. Every item is unique and there can be slight variations in the finish. 

  • We offer capitalised letters on our monogram
  • We monogram in the colour gold, however if you would a different colour please send us an email after ordering
  • Blind embossing means no foil is applied to the monogram
  • The size of the monogram is 5x3cm (Length x Width)
  • Please keep within a 12 character limit.


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