Mora Sofing (Pink Blanket)


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I ♥ My Blanket.

A soft and warm blanket that offers great comfort. A pink colour with medium intensity, adding a touch of colour to your home. Ideal for a real girly girl, relaxing with a cup of tea.

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Non Personalisation - 2-5 days (depends upon shipping chosen)

Personalisation - Up to 14 days (maybe sooner)


Composition: 100% Microfiber

Size: 120x160cm

Weight: 460g / m2



All of our personalisation is done in house, by hand. Every item is unique and there can be slight variations in the finish. 

  • We offer capitalised letters on our monogram
  • We monogram in the colour gold, however if you would a different colour please send us an email after ordering
  • Blind embossing means no foil is applied to the monogram
  • The size of the monogram is 5x3cm (Length x Width)
  • Please keep within a 12 character limit.


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