As a baby I had the most fondest memory of my comfort blanket, I loved it through and through and would take it everywhere possible with me! Many years passed and upon an annual spring clean, there it was at the back of the cupboard, my old baby blanket that I cherished so much!
        Then I had a thought... what if I didn't have to say goodbye to my blanket? What if you could have a warm comforting blanket that you could take anywhere no matter what age you are? That's when Mora UK was born!
            I wanted to create a blanket brand that could be a continous part of all our lives, right from a young baby through to being a grown adult. We all need comfort and love no matter what age we are. Here at Mora UK that is what we aim to do, create blankets that will fill you and your loved ones with joy and love whenever you need it.
            So join the gang and find out why #ILoveMyBlanket